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Zupp Property Group’s bright lights started from the need to utilise a pre-existing structure on the front of the Head Office building at 112 Siganto Drive, Helensvale. What began as a fun project to improve a very basic building front soon turned into a trademark building addition.  The concept was to build a series of controlled, colour changing RGB LED light boxes that would form an interesting feature on our new building.  Upon learning the diverse ways in which the colours can be manipulated we decided to create some scenes and colour schemes which were relevant to community events such as Pink Ribbon Day, Australia Day, and State of Origin.

Never could we have anticipated the reaction from the community. After multiple calls from community members requesting different colours, including a gentleman asking for the colour to be set for his girlfriend’s birthday, and others emailing about how much they enjoy trying to guess what colour our building would be and why on their way past, we realised this was a great way for us to interact with the wider community.

After the response to the lights at Siganto Drive, we replicated the structure at Zupp Place at 64 Marine Parade, Southport. The main light box was installed on the roof, together with balcony handrail lights, stair hand rail lights and wall washer lights called ‘Big Bertha’s’ to give the building an impressive glow.

The lights at Zupp Place and 112 Siganto Drive are easily controlled and can be set to any individual colour of the spectrum or multiple, ever-changing colours. Scenes for events can be pre-programmed, such as moving green and gold for Australia day or a static pink for Pink Ribbon Day.

Zupp Property Group is most excited about how our buildings can participate in community events, especially the 2018 Commonwealth Games.  We are always looking for new ideas for scenes and look for any excuse to put on a light show.

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We welcome requests and suggestions for colours and themes for our highly-visible lighting displays on the M1 and Gold Coast Highway. Please contact us below.

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Light Calendar

Please see our calendar below for a list of upcoming events we will be supporting with our lights.

Event Date Colour
Multiple Sclerosis Day 30/06/2017 Red
White Ribbon Day 28/07/2017 White
Jeans for Genes Day 4/08/2017 Blue
Daffodil Day 25/08/2017 Yellow
Father’s Day 3/09/2017 Blue
Queens Birthday 2/10/2017 Red and Blue
Day for Daniel 27/10/2017 Red
Remembrance Day 11/11/2017 Red
Christmas 25/12/2017 Red and Green
New Years Eve 31/12/2017 Multi
Australia Day 26/01/2018 Green and Gold
Valentine’s Day 14/02/2018 Red and Pink
World Kidney Day 13/03/2018 Red
World Water Day 22/03/2018 Blue
Earth Hour (8:30pm) 24/03/2018 Blackout
Purple Day (Epilepsy Austraia) 26/03/2018 Purple
Good Friday 30/03/2018 Multi
Easter Sunday 1/04/2018
World Autism Day 2/04/2018 Blue
Earth Day 22/04/2018
Anzac Day 25/04/2018
World Red Cross Day 8/05/2018 Red
Mother’s Day 13/05/2018 Pink
National Sorry Day 26/05/2018 Red and Yellow